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• 7/7/2018

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• 8/26/2017

Slumber Party From Hell (RP between me and Rajani)

(Ok, Rajani, if you remember RPs on the RWBY Fanon wiki (I believe we briefly did one and then it died, XD), this is basically like that. No need for a form, just link your gang members' pages (at least the ones you're POVing with). In one-on-one RPs like this, you don't need to worry about having all of their pages up. I know all of your gang members, so you can use the ones that you don't have pages for for this. Also use as many as you want to POV with. I'm just using three right now, but the number might increase.)
Meredy clutched her shipping plans in one hand and the key to the beach house in the other. They were having a slumber party with Rajani's gang! In a beach house! This was so exciting!
Jellal looked as though he was ready to kill himself. The bluenette definitely regretted letting them do this - but they deserved to do something silly and fun like this.
Looking around, Meredy noticed other gang members expressing their excitement. Mard Geer was smirking, without a doubt having plans for tonight. Mirajane was practically bouncing up and down. Irene was giggling lightly.
Meredy climbed up the steps to the beach house and unlocked the door. Jellal always insisted on being early, so Rajani's gang hadn't arrived.

Mipha had brought a pillow and a sleeping bag. She didn't know what one brought to such occasions - Zora didn't have them, unfortunately. At least they didn't when she had been alive.
Oh, how she loved this place! Even though half the people were rude and crazy, she was discovering so many new things.
Zelda and Lucina had insisted on sticking by her side the whole time. Which was fine, she supposed. They were getting overprotective though. They warned her about truth or dare, Seven Minutes in Heaven (Mipha suspected the game was completely unrelated to heaven) and surprisingly Meredy.
What could Meredy do that was so bad?

One of the gang members that was displeased with this whole thing was Viggo Grimborn. The Dragon Hunter enjoyed watching other gang members squirm as the pink-haired beast shipped them and locked them in closets. But now he was in the same boat as them. Shipped with a woman who vaguely resembled a bloated beluga.
Being shipped with Hiccup was better than this. At least he could taunt and tease Hiccup, who would just turn red as a tomato and yell at him. Viggo needed to analyze Salem's behavior and abilities more before he decided if he could do what he had done with Hiccup.
He supposed that tonight he would learn how it felt to be Jellal and Hiccup.
(Poor Viggo, XD. I was originally going to use Mard, but at the last minute, I changed my mind and decided to do Viggo instead so I could have some ViggoXSalem action. Since it's a new ship and all. :P)
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• 7/27/2017

The Happiest Place in the World (RP between me and Tiger)

(Ok, so Tiger, before I start, there are a few things I want to mention. First, forms aren't needed. All you need is a link to your gang member's page in their first POV so we can look at the information. For one on one RPs like this, it's alright if the pages are unfinished or not up yet, so don't feel pressure to finish your pages fast or get them up. Second, my whole gang will be in the RP, but I'm only using the five I told you about to POV with. The rest will be messing around in the background.)
Princess Zelda had never been to a theme park before. She had only been in the gang for about two months, so she hadn't witnessed all of the strange things they could show her. Such as this park.
They were staying for a few days, and had gotten reservations in one of the hotels. Each of their hotel rooms held four members, and she was roomed with Irene, Viggo and Tyrian. Not exactly the best company, but she had assured Jellal that she could handle them all.
Everyone else had gone to check out the park, but Zelda had decided to stick around and stake claim to one quarter of the room. It was the smart decision, to get her part of the room ready, since Tyrian and Irene would know to stay out of it.

"Tyrian! Get the hell away from Jasmine!" Mard Geer Tartaros snapped. "What did we say about hitting on princesses?"
With a psychotic giggle, the scorpion Faunus slunk back over to Mard's side. "Sorry boss, she just looked so... hot."
"Well, stay away from her and the other princesses unless you're trying to get a picture with them." Mard replied. "We'll get removed from the park if you act creepy, and then I'll be blamed for it."
"That's why we're doing it." Dagur the Deranged replied. "You'll get all the heat for it. Meanwhile everyone will assume that we were just following your lead and not care about us..."
Mard dug a heel into the Berserker's foot to make him shut up. It would do them all good to not screw up here. And while that Jasmine was hot, he had no intention of getting yelled at by Jellal. It was best that he just watched his two (immature) friends and stay away from everything else.

Brandish μ giggled as she headed away from Gaston. After only fifteen minutes, she was enjoying herself this much. She had also had three popsicles.
The Spriggan was, admittedly, too excited and hyper about this all. But it was Disney! She had never been once in her life, and this was supposedly the happiest place in the world. She had good reason to be excited about all of this.
(I'll do POVs with Invel and Lucina in my next post, this would just get too long if I did all five in one post. So for now, I say we just handle the initial arrival of the gangs and then once everyone is all settled, we have them interact. Also, you don't have to POV the same way I do (separating the posts with the lines) - that's just how I like to do things in wiki RPs. The rest is up to you, so have fun. :D)
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• 6/4/2016

Ver-chan, Jade-chan...You guys should be happy you haven't been on the SAMB recently...

It's so horrible...The Catspirit War has gotten insane, maybe even worse than the Blizz War. It started about a month ago with a newbie calling herself Catspirit, despite there being someone already with the nickname. The original CatSpirit told her to change her nickname, there was an argument, a trial was held, and original CatSpirit won.
New Catspirit (also known as Catwind) disappeared, but returned a few weeks ago. She started impersonating the original and even posted with the original's gang. There was another fight, until the two agreed to make a poll. Whoever got the most votes could keep the name. The original won, but the newbie, just like with the trial, refused to accept her defeat.
And then the original had to leave because of phone probation, so the newbie decided that meant she could keep the name. Since then, everyone's exploded. Even people from other MB's have come to the SAMB to "help".
I might decide to "leave" the MB just to get away. I haven't seen the newbie post today yet. You guys and Kat-chan are have no idea how bad it's gotten. I think people are leaving. But, I think today it's calming down. I don't really know. I've been trying to ignore it, so maybe I'm just not looking in the right places. Or maybe everything's just slow right now.
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• 5/25/2016

Theme song help

Do you have a gang member that you just can't find a theme song for? Here, we can try to help each other find theme songs that fit the gang member. All you need to do is link the page and we can read the page to find which theme song fits them the best.
Please state if you want the song to be clean.
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