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Verity Evermore
• 8/26/2017

Slumber Party From Hell (RP between me and Rajani)

(Ok, Rajani, if you remember RPs on the RWBY Fanon wiki (I believe we briefly did one and then it died, XD), this is basically like that. No need for a form, just link your gang members' pages (at least the ones you're POVing with). In one-on-one RPs like this, you don't need to worry about having all of their pages up. I know all of your gang members, so you can use the ones that you don't have pages for for this. Also use as many as you want to POV with. I'm just using three right now, but the number might increase.)

Meredy clutched her shipping plans in one hand and the key to the beach house in the other. They were having a slumber party with Rajani's gang! In a beach house! This was so exciting!

Jellal looked as though he was ready to kill himself. The bluenette definitely regretted letting them do this - but they deserved to do something silly and fun like this.

Looking around, Meredy noticed other gang members expressing their excitement. Mard Geer was smirking, without a doubt having plans for tonight. Mirajane was practically bouncing up and down. Irene was giggling lightly.

Meredy climbed up the steps to the beach house and unlocked the door. Jellal always insisted on being early, so Rajani's gang hadn't arrived.

Mipha had brought a pillow and a sleeping bag. She didn't know what one brought to such occasions - Zora didn't have them, unfortunately. At least they didn't when she had been alive.

Oh, how she loved this place! Even though half the people were rude and crazy, she was discovering so many new things.

Zelda and Lucina had insisted on sticking by her side the whole time. Which was fine, she supposed. They were getting overprotective though. They warned her about truth or dare, Seven Minutes in Heaven (Mipha suspected the game was completely unrelated to heaven) and surprisingly Meredy.

What could Meredy do that was so bad?

One of the gang members that was displeased with this whole thing was Viggo Grimborn. The Dragon Hunter enjoyed watching other gang members squirm as the pink-haired beast shipped them and locked them in closets. But now he was in the same boat as them. Shipped with a woman who vaguely resembled a bloated beluga.

Being shipped with Hiccup was better than this. At least he could taunt and tease Hiccup, who would just turn red as a tomato and yell at him. Viggo needed to analyze Salem's behavior and abilities more before he decided if he could do what he had done with Hiccup.

He supposed that tonight he would learn how it felt to be Jellal and Hiccup.

(Poor Viggo, XD. I was originally going to use Mard, but at the last minute, I changed my mind and decided to do Viggo instead so I could have some ViggoXSalem action. Since it's a new ship and all. :P)

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Verity Evermore
• 8/27/2017

Okay, here we go! I'll use three too.

Riko spun the keys around in her hands as she eyed the blue sea. A smile broke out across her face and she brushed her red hair behind her ear. As a girl who lived next to the sea and was friends with the rest of Aqours, especially a certain Matsuura Kanan, swimming and being in the water was second nature to her.

"Umi-chan, what do you think?" Riko asked cheerfully, spinning to face the bluenette.

"I'm excited for this," Umi smiled softly. "I haven't been able to meet many members of other gangs, so this will be fun."

Riko beamed back at her before turning a worried look to the Bandori Party members. "I don't think Rinko-chan is very excited, though..."

Shirokane Rinko looked on the verge of tears as her fellow Roselia bandmate, Hikawa Sayo, pushed her gently towards the beach house. "Rinko-chan, you'll be fine. Verity's gang members aren't monsters, you know?"

Maruyama Aya, main vocal of Pastel*Palettes laughed. "Ah, Shirokane-san! Chill! You've performed at Space in front of hundreds of people, this should be a cakewalk."

"Verity's gang is already here, right?" asked Chisato, coming up on Riko's right. 

Umi nodded with a smile on her face. "I can't wait."


Ivypool bounded up along the shore, her tail flicking with annoyance as the waves washed against her paws.

"I don't like water," she huffed. "What do you think I am, a RiverClan warrior?"

Sadie, standing next to her, laughed. "Oh, Ivypool. You're at a beach house. You're going to have to swim or at least get wet at some point, you know?"

The silver warrior rolled her eyes and grumbled, "I know, Sadie. Doesn't mean I have to like it."

Mew floated by past her, letting out a giggle. Ivypool, brighten up! I don't like water that much either!

Ivypool snorted, lashing her tail. "You can fly. And make psychic bubbles."

"I can't wait to meet more members of Verity's gang," sang Flashwing cheerfully as she skipped by. 

The she-cat sighed.


IA winced away from the rolling waves on the shore as they neared the beach house. Behind her, she heard Grimalkin chuckling at her aversion to water.

"I'm a robot," she reminded the Malkin witch without turning around. "It's natural to... uh..."

Rana giggled behind her. "If we touch water right now, we'll fry."

Mayu skipped ahead. "Whatever, I'm just really happy!" she sang, spinning her axe around before twirling Usano Mimi around her body. "Isn't this great, Usano?"

Clove cringed besides IA. "She creeps me out."

IA shrugged. 

Yukari came up besides IA. "We won't have any problems swimming later," the hacker and mechanic-specialized Vocaloid promised, laying her hand on IA's shoulder. "I'll make sure to install the water-fit systems later."

"Can I watch while you guys do it?" asked Cynder with interest.

IA nodded. "No problem."

• 8/28/2017

Mipha put her sleeping bag down as the crazy people began pulling things from their bags. Tyrian had a bag of jelly beans. Peridot had an abudance of pillows. Innocent things could be turned into weapons of monsters...

Zelda and Lucina settled down next to her.

"Rajani's gang may be a little more tame than we are, but they can still be plenty crazy." Zelda explained. "Most of them are nice. I would recommend talking to people such as IA and Eris first."

"I'll be fine... Mom." Mipha sighed.

Viggo closed his eyes and sighed. Thankfully, he had stolen Verity's computer so he'd have a way to avoid this. He would say that he needed to do work, and most of this gang knew not to mess with him when he said something like this. They could just ask Peridot.

Upon opening the screen, Viggo nearly vomited upon seeing the picture of him and Hiccup she had set as her background. Why not Jellal or Mard, who the beast was hardcore crushing on?

He took this time to look through her photo gallery and delete any unwanted pictures that she had. Erase, erase... Hm, that one's not bad. Nice legs, Viggo, you work that look.

Meredy was eagerly waiting at the door. When it opened, she nearly fangirl screamed with glee.

"You're here!" she gushed as Rajani's gang entered. "Hooray! Let the Seven Minutes... I mean slumber party begin!"

(poor poor Viggo XD)

• 8/28/2017

"Hi, guys." Riko smiled politely as Meredy squealed happily and rushed over to greet the other gang members. "We'll just get settled in first, okay?"

"No problem." Jellal looked like he wanted to die.

Umi sighed. "Wait, did she say Seven Minutes in Heaven?"

Riko rolled her eyes. "If she did, I wouldn't be too surprised," the redhead responded drily, turning to put her bag down and fixing her seashell clip. 


Ivypool padded over to the window, eyeing the sea outside and sighing. 

She didn't like the water...

Whatever, she'd try.

"Hi, Mirajane," Ivypool sighed at the whitette- one of the only people she felt safe talking to.


IA tensed as a flash of excitement soared through the Vocaloid cyberbrain from Rana when she heard the first part of Meredy's sentence.

"Did she say Seven Minutes in Heaven?" Rana asked, suddenly excited.

Lily cleared her throat. "Um, no! No, she didn't!"

"I did!" Meredy announced cheerfully. IA groaned and reached out to grab Rana, who excitedly leaped out of the way and went towards Meredy with speed. "Can I see what plans you have?"

Yukari groaned. "This is going to be a disaster."

Rana's eyes began to turn a bright glowing pink as she stared at the ship plans.

"What's she doing?" asked Mipha curiously.

"Um..." IA sighed. "She's loading it into her brain."

"Excuse me?"

"We're robots," explained IA. "We can load files of pictures into our brains just by intensely staring at things."

• 8/29/2017

"Seven Minutes in Heaven is amazing!" Meredy declared. "I'm looking forward to locking Mardna and Viggo and Salem into a closet! And they won't be coming out until they're kissing!"

"OH HELL NO." Mard declared from the other side of the room. "Do that and I'll lock you in there with Invel or Tyrian."

"You're shipped with Midna!" Meredy protested as Rana giggled a bit. "We can only do ships!"

"Well, now you're shipped with both of them!"

"You bitch!"

She lunged at the demon king who dodged, but soon the two shippers were engaged in a slap fight.

Viggo didn't look up as Mirajane took a seat near him, but he did when he heard Rajani's gang member Ivypool make conversation with her.

"Hi Ivypool!" the endlessly optimistic demon mage greeted. "You seem a little relucant to be here - is it the water."

Ivypool sighed. "It is. I hope we don't swim."

"Don't worry, Viggo hates the water too."

Before Viggo knew it, the demon woman had rested her arm on his shoulder as though he were an armrest. He folded the top of Verity's computer down - no one could know he was going through her files. And editing any fanfiction he deemed too... ah, kinky.

"Don't involve me in this conversation, Mirajane." he sighed.

Mipha watched as Meredy tried to tackle Mard Geer, but giggled with Rana as the two started a slap fight. Zelda facepalmed as IA asked if this was a normal occurance.

Jellal stormed across the room and pulled Mard off of Meredy. "If you two don't calm down, you're going in that closet together and staying there until the slumber party is over."

"Yes, oh wise leader." Mard smirked.

Mipha supposed the closet was more of a punishment than a source of entertainment... She hoped she wouldn't be shoved in htere.

• 8/29/2017

"Language!" Riko protested at Mard as the two began a slap fight. Riko groaned and turned to her own gang members. "Am I the only one disturbed?"

Umi shook her head. "Definitely not."

"Rinko-chan!" Eve grabbed Rinko's arm and pulled her away from the door. "Stay right here and I'll bring you to one of the sane members!"

"How do you know who's sane?" Sayo muttered. "You've barely even met them."

Riko snorted. "Here, come on, Rinko." She left the shippers to the slap fight and dragged the hyperventilating Rinko over to Seilah, who was calmly reading in a corner and ignoring everything else around her. "Hey, Seilah."

"Hmm?" The horned demon looked up.

"Here, Rinko has social anxiety and she needs someone sane," Riko chuckled.


Ivypool chuckled. "So is Viggo not one of the talkative ones?"

Mirajane laughed. "Definitely not!"

"I can tell," noted Ivypool, eyeing Viggo. "He kind of reminds me of me."

"Hey, Ivypool." Saphira sat down next to Ivypool in her human form (since her dragon form was probably big enough to crush the whole beach house). "So, how's things?"

"Don't make me swim," Ivypool replied sharply. "I've had enough of water ever since Mapleshade nearly drowned me."

Mew giggled as she flew past, landing on Saphira's head and flicking her tail. I'm happy to be here!

At the high-pitched voice, Viggo frowned and looked up. "What on earth is that thing?"

Mew gave him an offended look.


"Thank goodness there aren't many ships in our gang," sighed IA, looking at Rana with apprehension.

Mayu giggled. "We can always make some!" She spun her axe around. "How about you and Yukari-chan, IA?"

"Oh hell no." Yukari backed away. "Not that I don't like you, IA, but only as a friend."

IA shuddered. "Sentiment shared, Yuka. Mayu, don't you dare."

• 8/29/2017

Viggo stared flatly at the cat-like creature.

"Not talkative?" Hiccup asked. "You should see him when he captures someone - you can't get him to shut up."

"Much like how you always repeat everything you say." Viggo replied. He turned the computer around and showed the background to Hiccup, who pulled a barf bag from his pocket and threw up.

"WHY THE HELL DOES SHE HAVE TO SHIP US SO HARD?!" the Dragon Rider demanded.

Mira promptly put a hand over Ivypool's eyes. The cat hissed a little. "I'm not scared of that lunatic's ships!"

"You will be when you see how obsessed she is with them." Mira warned. "Mew! Don't look at the screen!"

Saphira shook her head. "I think it's best that I don't even ask."

"Sane?" Meredy asked loudly. "Seilah? She brainwashed a bunch of people and made them call Mard da-"

Seilah got up and slapped a hand over her mouth. "Meredy, if you say any of the things I have done for my stupid brother, I will have you stake yourself through the heart. And I called him my brother again."

"You know you love me." Mard snickered.

The horned demon glared before turning back to Riko. "I need someone sane as well. Seeing as the only sane villains here are Invel and Viggo, neither of which I want to talk to."

"She's a bit... creepy." Laxus commented, looking over at Mayu.

Zelda and Lucina glared at him. "Shush, you! Your opinions on people aren't needed here!"

"This gang doesn't have many ships either..." Mipha said thoughtfully. "There's Aydedy, Mardna and Viggo and Salem. Then there are all the crackships but do they count?"

• 9/15/2017

Mew let out a squeak of protest. I'm several centuries old, Mira! I'm sure I can handle that!

Ivypool lashed her tail and ducked away from Mirajane's protective hand. "I appreciate that you're concerned for my innocence, but I've killed cats before and I'm sure I can handle this," she protested, flattening her ears. 

Saphira rolled her eyes. "All of you are insane. Seriously, what is wrong with you?"

"I ask myself that every day," Ivypool grumbled as Mira yelped in protest and tried to stop Mew from hovering over Viggo's shoulder to see the ships. "God, Hiccup, is it that bad?"


"Let me see," Ivypool snapped. Viggo made no move to turn the computer around. Saphira sighed and flicked her hand. An aura of blue light flashed around the computer and she dragged it from his hands, setting it in front of Ivypool. 

Ivypool winced. That was pretty disgusting. "Hiccup, I'm sorry."

"But not to Viggo?" Mira snickered.

The warrior sat back on her haunches. "No. He disrespected Mew. Go die."

Saphira snorted. "Ivypool, that's a bit much."

"I'm in a bad mood."


"I'm glad, then," laughed Riko. "I'm sane." Then, recalling what Seilah had said earlier, Riko blinked. "Wait, what did Seilah make the people call Mard?"

Rinko shivered. "M-maybe D-dave?" she offered lamely. "It's-"

"So innocent," Seilah muttered. "You're better off not knowing. Your name's Rinko, right? Verity says you play the piano."

Rinko nodded. Riko snorted. "Rinko here has social anxiety. Don't know how on earth she made it into Roselia..." the redhead sighed. "Oh, whatever. Are you and Mard actually siblings?"

"It's complicated..."

"Why don't you want to talk to Viggo and Invel?" Riko frowned, tilting her head. "Is there something wrong with them?"

"Wait, where the hell is Zeref?" Glory demanded from near the entrance of the house.

Sadie snickered. "He's brooding in the sunlight, of course." Almost on cue, the door to the beach house slammed open and Ophiuchus barged in, dragging Zeref by his collar with Aries trailing behind them squeaking apologies. "Oh, there they are. Hi, Ophiuchus!"

"Sup, Sadie." Ophiuchus unceremoniously dropped Zeref on the ground. "Hiding from your subordinates in Verity's gang? Or is your social anxiety that bad?" 

"She's the 13th Zodiac Spirit, correct?" asked Seilah boredly, eyeing the protesting Zeref and a laughing Ophiuchus.

Riko nodded.


Yukari rolled her eyes. "No, Laxus, it's perfectly fine. Mayu is a little crazy."

"Is that a compliment ooorrrr an insult?" Mayu asked cheerfully, picking up Usano and swinging him around. "What do you think, Usano? Is Yuka-chan being mean?"

Laxus backed away. "Okay, she's actually scary."

Rana shook her head. "There's not many ships within our gang except for Zeref attempting to act like a tsundere towards Rajani so she'll stop bothering him. Oh, there's Kaneki and Eto. Kirakishou and Barasuishou. There's plenty of ships with gang members and their other fandom people, but not within the gang... We could make ships, of course!"

"I think crackships count," IA admitted grudgingly. "There's not much to work with otherwise."

Mayu giggled. "Then you and Yuka-chan-!"

Yukari pressed her fingers to her forehead and a sharp snapping noise sounded in the house as the purple-haired Vocaloid used the cyber network to shut Mayu up. 

"Anyways, continue," Yukari told Mipha. "Making up ships and all. Ideas?"

• 9/16/2017

"She made the people call him daddy!" Tyrian said from the corner of the room. "And apparently they were all young, hot girls! I'm so jealous, I wish I lived for 400 years so I could see all these girls."

Salem crossed the room and decked him as Meredy laughed her ass off. They hadn't even been here that long, and the shipper was already enjoying herself.

Seilah was now beet red in shame. "Tyrian Callows, how dare you tell everyone of my worst moment? You bloody bastard!"

Tyrian shrieked like a little girl before running off as Seilah lunged at him.

"Crackships count in this gang." Mipha commented. "There are dozens! Most of them involve Midnight. Because to quote Mard, he's forever alone. But then we also have Aydedy, Mardna and Viggo and Salem! Mira said that those are 'gang canon'."

"Ship Midnight with Seilah." Mard drawled from across the room. "They're both forever alone."

Mipha giggled as Midnight choked on his drink. "Mard Geer, what are you implying? Seilah is off killing Tyrian but I can still go after you!"

"Because you're totally strong enough to even hit me." the demon king rolled his eyes.

Mipha laughed again.

"I would be offended, but I am quite used to hate." Viggo replied smoothly.

"The fanart and fanfiction Verity reads is nightmarish!" Hiccup declared. "Even Tyrian threw up from reading it!"

"The frightening thing is that none of these are written by her." Viggo states. "Meaning there are many other twisted people out there in this world."

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