Alexandria "Alex" Thorn is Victoria Raven's "weird side" and one of the oldest members in her gang (meaning she has been around the longest).


Alex has light skin, ruby eyes, and red hair that is cropped close to her neck. She also has huge red feathered wings, wolf ears and a red wolf tail. Alex is tall and graceful, but muscular. She usually wears a somewhat battered-up red hoodie, red jeans and red leather ankle boots. She has two daggers that are made of silver, inlaid with rubies and in the shape of lighting bolts, which are usually strapped to her sides.


Alex is, well, weird. Her spontaneity and randomness can't be beaten- except perhaps by Pinkie Pie. She is incredibly hyper, fluffeh, impulsive, extreme, and insane in every way possible. Alex is a huge fangirl and has a strange obsession with donuts. She is also a huge prankster and almost never listens to the rules.

But Alex has some other characteristics that just can't be overlooked. She is extremely loyal and protective, and is terrifying if anyone ever tries to hurt her friends. She can be kind, caring, compassionate, loving- the list goes on. She'll always- ALWAYS- be there for you. And Alex actually has a dark side- she constantly thinks that no one likes her, and wonders if she should even exist- but she never tells anyone about her thoughts. Well- almost never. It is unlikely you'll ever see Alex break down....but sometimes, when she's alone with someone she trusts, she'll collapse. Because, behind the mask of the happy, fearless, bouncing-off-the-walls crazy person is a scared girl who just wants to keep her friends safe.

Backstory (or lack thereof)

Because I am so incredibly lazy, can you just go to my page?

It has my insanely long and detailed backstory over there.

And when I say detailed and long, I MEAN DETAILED AND LONG.





Okay, so, Hektria is the ship for Alexandria and Hektor, who is another member of my gang (I'm trying to make him a page on here too, so stay tuned). It's frickin' ADORABLE.

Whyyyy is it adorable, you ask? Well, you see, they're totally polar opposites. Alex is weird and fluffeh and hyper and obsessed with donuts. Hektor is cruel and sadistic and a pyromaniac and hot-headed and sarcastic and insane.