• Eternity Eternal

    ...and I'm not posting the last one, because major Undertale spoilers. Also, purple gal looks honestly more goofy than anything here x_x

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  • Prankster218

    No matter what, I can't seem to add pictures on both this wiki and the Scholastica Wiki. It's freaking driving me insane, especially since I can't always ask someone to do it for me. I do what the tutorials say, but it doesn't work. It always says something about an error or something being invalid. The only exception was when I did my Sachiko Chibi Profile Pic, but I did the exact same thing I do for the other pictures and it worked. Is it something I'm doing? Is it the type of picture I'm trying to upload? How do you guys upload your pictures, maybe I AM just doing it wrong.

    I didn't exactly want to write a blog post, I was scared we couldn't on this wiki. But I'm tired of not being able to do pictures and not know why. Thanks if you can …

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