Basic editing rules

  • Grammar: Please try to use proper grammar at all times. All edits should use the right punctuation and phrasing.
  • Page re-naming: If a page needs to be renamed, then contact the person who made the page to see if they're all right with it.
  • Adding categories: Categories help you find pages of similar types. All pages should have them. If a page remains without categories for more than three days, then an admin will add categories to your page. Check out the official categories to see the list of categories.
  • No editing someone else's page without their permission. The above-mentioned is the only exception.

Adding Images

  • Seeing as many gang members are from existing fandoms, you are more than welcome to use existing pictures or fanart of them. These images must be of good quality.
  • For OCs, the same rules applies to images. How you get those pictures is up to you, but make sure they meet the same criteria as the images for existing characters.
  • Otakus like me know what anime consists of. So for gang members from anime, you need to follow these rules:
    • Pictures of anime girls: Lets straighten this out here and now. Sometimes, anime girls have outfits that show their breasts. It's okay if your gang member has a revealing outfit. However, if she's basically topless (because that's how small her top is or something), then nope, no posting. Same goes if she's naked.
    • Pictures of anime guys: There is obviously no problem if your gang member is shirtless. After all, even some kids movies have shirtless dudes in them. Like with pictures of anime girls, no pictures of nudity.
  • Ship pictures. Something that might be popular with character couples. There's a slight restriction here as well. Pictures of them hugging and kissing are fine, suggestive pictures of them are not. Honestly, as long as they're not naked together or having sex, you can put a shipping picture.
  • Images that show gore or blood are fine, as long as a warning is put on the page so those who don't like that stuff can avoid looking at it.

Possibly more rules will come soon.