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Lucy Heartfilia is a member of Jade's gang, and a character in the anime Fairy Tail. Many fans ship her with Natsu Dragneel, under the ship name Nalu.

As one of the main protagonists, Lucy is a member of the mage guild Fairy Tail, wherein she is a member of Team Natsu (unofficial name) alongside Natsu, Happy, Gray Fullbuster, Erza Scarlet, Wendy Marvell, and Carla.




Lucy, like many girls, cares a lot about her appearance. She's a bit vain, in fact.

It's later revealed that Lucy wants to be a writer, and is writing a book detailing her adventures in the Fairy Tail guild.

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Magic & Abilities


Celestial Spirit Magic: TBA




As a Celestial Spirit wizard, Lucy owns 13 Celestial Spirit Keys - quite a large number for one wizard.

  • Gold Keys: Gold Keys are those of the twelve Zodiac.
    • Gate of the Ram Key: Summons the Ram, Aries.
    • Gate of the Golden Bull Key: Summons the Bull, Taurus.
    • Gate of the Water Bearer Key (former): Summoned the Water Bearer, Aquarius.
    • (More TBA)
  • Silver Keys: Much more numerous in number, the Silver Keys represent various other constellations and stars.
  • Celestial Spirit Banishment Keys: These keys were made by Princess Hisui after the Zodiac were affected by the Eclipse, designed to send them back to the Celestial Spirit World.
    • Maiden Banishment Key (former): Banishes the Maiden, Virgo.

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