What is the Scholastica Gangs Wiki?

The Scholastica Gangs Wiki is a wiki completely dedicated to the character gangs that are often found on the Scholastic message boards (mainly on SA). The wiki was made as a place where people can learn about each other's gang members without having to search across wikia to find them.

Basic Rules

  • DON'T edit other people's work without their permission. Admins adding categories are the ONE exception, and even then, that can only be done if a page has had no categories for more than three days.
  • Only make pages for gang members in your gang. Unless you have permission from another person to make pages for their gang members, then nope, you only make yours.
    • The only exception is if a gang member is in multiple gangs.
  • No adult content. If this rule is violated, the user will be banned. No exceptions.
  • If a gang member's backstory is explicit and unsuitable for some people, then please state so. I will not remove the page if it is stated with a warning that is noticeable.
    • However, I or another admin judge the content too explicit, then the page will be removed, regardless of whether it has to be forcefully.